Ten reasons to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season

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Most travellers to Costa Rica tend to come during the “dry” season, which runs from December to April, and avoid the so-called “rainy” season, which runs from May to November. However, their fears about rain are often misplaced, as the “green” season offers distinct advantages to vacationers and ecotourists seeking to experience Costa Rica’s protected tropical forests, such as the famous Manual Antonio National Park. Here are ten reasons why the “green” season is always a good time to visit.

First, it doesn’t rain that much. It can rain a lot, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see the sun. The rainy season is characterized by sunny days and rainy evenings, or a series of sunny days followed by a few rainy days. If you avoid October, the rainiest month, you will be sure to see lots of sunshine again.

Then it’s the “green” season. For the locals, this is the “green” season and not the “rainy” season. More rain means that plants grow and for nature lovers it is the best part of the year, with the dust being swept away and the lush jungle being felt.

Thirdly, it’s more economical. In general, the price of almost everything, from vacation rentals to excursions, is lowered during the rainy season, which makes visiting the jungle easier on your wallet.

Fourth, you can avoid the crowds. Anyone who has ever visited a national park on a “high season” weekend can tell you how difficult it is to enjoy the beautiful beaches and spot animals when the place is overrun by tourists with cameras. Visits made when there are fewer people make everything from relaxing on the beach to eating a meal a much more enjoyable experience.

Fifth, you can sit back and enjoy the show. Storms in the tropics are an amazing sight. Much more powerful and dramatic than those in the more temperate regions of the world, they are an amazing spectacle of light and sound. So, after a beautiful morning at the beach, lie back in your hammock, sip a cup of Costa Rican coffee and let the show begin.

Sixth, enjoy your rest. Nothing will put you to sleep faster than the soothing sound of the rain outside, while you’re comfortable in bed.

Seventh, enjoy more comfortable temperatures. The “dry” season in Costa Rica is hot – REALLY hot, and wet too. For those who like more moderate temperatures, a few degrees less during the rainy season can make all the difference. The air is always nice and warm, but not as oppressive as it can be during the summer months.

Eight, capitalize on the mango season. Costa Rica is full of natural fruits and vegetables, but many trees don’t bear fruit until the summer is over. Mangoes are one example: if you go there in June, you can literally pick ripe, juicy mangoes off the ground during the course of your day.

Ninth, swimmers and surfers will enjoy better waves. Costa Rica is famous for its killer surfing all along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Although it is excellent all year round, the green season is when the swell tends to be stronger and surfing better.

Tenth, experience the rainy season mornings. Dawn, after a night of heavy rain, is a magical experience in Costa Rica. As the sun rises and the clouds dissipate, sip your coffee as you watch the jungle glisten with freshness and breathe in the fresh, fragrant air.

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