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How indifference can bring you success

Written by fariidoss

Here’s a scenario that I’m sure you are familiar with and that has caused you a lot of frustration and sadness. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one to whom this has happened, it’s happened to millions of others and it’s happened to me too – on far too many occasions to include them here.

Do you remember a time when you were really fed up with your situation in life? Maybe you were tired of serving one debt after another. Maybe you were bored with your job and had a burning desire to do something more exciting. Or maybe it was just something you wanted to do, a great adventure or learning a new skill or getting together with someone you loved like crazy.

You came up with your plan. It was also detailed, and you were absolutely determined that nothing would stop you. You had a burning desire to get what you wanted, to change your life for the better, and to enjoy the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that success would surely bring.

To help you achieve your goals, you invested in self-help books, courses and CDs. Perhaps you have attended a few seminars? You’ve said your affirmations, written down your goals and recited them every morning and evening, as all gurus say.

Nothing could stop you? Nothing!

And yet, something did. Despite all your good intentions and investments, the goals you wanted so much to achieve were not met. But how could this happen? After all your efforts, how is it that you didn’t get what you wanted? You were invincible, you were determined – what stopped you?

Honestly, it happened to me every time and I’m sure it happened to you, yes? Well, here’s why you and I both endured that frustration.

When you consider making changes to your life, changes that will bring you great happiness, fear comes up like a storm of anger and fills your mind with negatives, all starting with “What if…”.

What if things went wrong, what if you were rejected, what if you failed, what if you ran out of money, what if you didn’t like it, what if, what if! Your fear knows that you are putting yourself in a new situation, a situation that will expose you to various risks and it doesn’t like it at all!

Fear will do everything in its power to keep you from leaving the safety of your comfortable life. She knows that if she persists with these negative possibilities long enough, you won’t even take the first step toward your goals. Result? You keep going the same way, you don’t reach your goals and you don’t change your life for the better.

I will share with you a very powerful way to overcome this obstacle that your fear continually puts in front of you. And it is so simple that you will be amazed at how effective it is! But don’t let its simplicity dissuade you from using it.

Each time you have these negative thoughts in mind, use the power of indifference by using two words: “SO WHAT”.

For instance, when you have a thinking that says such things as, “What if I start this new computer class and I’m not good. I’ll look like an idiot and I’ll have wasted time and money”. Just say:

“So what if I do? I’ll do my best and maybe it won’t be good enough, but so what?

Another: “She’s absolutely stunning, and if I goes to her house, I could crash or she might tell me to get lost and I’d look like an idiot.”

“So what if I do? If she does, and then her loss, I’ll get someone else.”

It’s so powerful because you’re indifferent to the negative consequences. You do your best to get what you want, but if it doesn’t work, if others don’t like it, if others make fun of you, then WHAT?

As soon as I have used this technique, I have made rapid progress and I invite you to try it, it will help you overcome fear and take the first step towards your goals.

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