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Amazon Is Selling A Ton Of These +30 Things That Seem Expensive But Are Cheap

There’s a reason why the term “retail therapy” has entered the common vernacular — sometimes buying things really does soothe the soul. Or at least it does mine. After years of spending money on ridiculous purchases that were way out of scale given my paycheck, I’ve wised up and learned the secret: You can scratch that retail therapy itch by simply shopping these expensive-looking Amazon bargains that only seem like they cost a lot.

There’s truly a little bit of everything on this list, from jewelry to home decor to apparel. One favorite of mine is this sculptural glass decanter that’s handblown in France and rings up at less than the price of brunch. Take a look at it and tell me you don’t want one to upgrade your wine night.

And while it may not seem like “retail therapy,” this water flosser is a game changer. I know exactly one person in real life who loves to floss (he’s definitely one in a million), but let’s face it: We all need to do it, and this little machine actually makes it kind of fun.

There’s something for everyone here, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find a bargain you’ll love.

This French Press That Makes You Feel Like You’re In Europe :

bonVIVO GAZETARO French Press Coffee Maker

Crafted from shatterproof borosilicate glass and stainless steel, this French press coffee maker is built to last, but what you’ll love most about it is its stylish, classic design that give off European vibes as you make your morning brew. In just four minutes, you can whip up 34 ounces of perfect coffee with just boiling water and your preferred grounds — no paper filters required.

bonVIVO GAZETARO French Press Coffee Maker | SEE ON AMAZON

A Delicate Choker That Goes With Everything:

Benevolence LA 14-Karat Gold Choker

Have you been looking for that one necklace you can wear with everything? Look no further, because this 14-karat gold-dipped choker is it — and at this price, you practically can’t afford not to buy it. The chain has beads that give it some texture, providing a delicate yet unique look. It’s available in both yellow and white gold finishes.

Benevolence LA 14-Karat Gold Choker | SEE ON AMAZON

The Full-Featured Cheese Board Set That’s Ideal For Entertaining :

Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board Set

The perfect centerpiece when you’re entertaining a group, this cheese board set truly has it all. First, it’s extremely good-looking, and crafted from renewable, sustainably harvested bamboo. Then, it features a platform for your cheese, charcuterie and other foods, and grooves on the sides for crackers. Here’s the big finish: It features a pull-out drawer with four stainless steel cheese serving tools — what more could you ask for? This set is a fantastic for gifting, too.

Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board Set | SEE ON AMAZON

This Simple Attachment That Turns Your Toilet Into A Bidet :

Greenco Bidet Attachment

Add a bidet to your toilet without any help from a plumber with this bidet attachment. It’s angle-adjustable for a comfortable spray, and the easy-to-reach control dial lets you customize the flow level. You won’t need any special tools for installation, which can be completed within minutes.

Greenco Bidet Attachment | SEE ON AMAZON

This Wireless Doorbell With 50 Chime Options:

SadoTech Wireless Doorbell

Installing a customizable doorbell doesn’t have to be complicated — in fact, this wireless doorbell takes just minutes to set up and has volume control and 50 chime sounds to choose from. The two receivers can be placed anywhere within 1,000 feet of the doorbell, so you’ll never miss a visitor or a delivery again. The waterproof, weatherproof doorbell installs easily with the included supplies.

SadoTech Wireless Doorbell | SEE ON AMAZON

A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Keeps Bristles Hygienic & In Top Shape :

Luxe Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Think about it: After using your makeup brushes, they just sit… with your facial oils and makeup on them. If you’re thinking that the potential for bacteria to grow on them is pretty high, you’d be right, and those germs can cause acne. Get this electric makeup brush cleaner that you can use periodically to do away with all that nastiness. It’ll help you keep your brushes in top shape, too. The cleaner comes with adapters to suit brushes of all sizes.

Luxe Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner | SEE ON AMAZON

These Salt & Pepper Grinders Any Gourmand Would Love :

Latent Epicure Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

If you love to cook, or, frankly, eat, you’ll wonder what you ever did before you got these salt and pepper grinders. Let’s get down to brass tacks here: You know that fresh-ground pepper tastes better than pepper that’s been sitting there in the container, but you’ll also revel over the difference fresh-ground salt makes. (Pro tip: Try some delicious pink Himalayan salt). The mills feature adjustable coarseness settings and convenient push-button operation.

Latent Epicure Salt and Pepper Grinder Set | SEE ON AMAZON

These 3 Floating Shelve For Storage Or Decor :

Greenco Floating U Shelves (Set of 3)

Whether you’re trying to get a handle on the clutter in your space or you’re looking for a way to showcase some design items, these floating shelves can help you do it. They have a dynamic look when grouped together, but can just as easily be used separately. Whether they’re used for mementos or favorite photos, they’re easy to assemble and install quickly and easily with the included hardware.

Greenco Floating U Shelves (Set of 3) | SEE ON AMAZON

This Kit That Equips Anyone To Be A Home Bartender — Just Add Liquor :

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit

If there were such a thing as “bartender in a box,” this Mixology & Craft bartender kit would be it — it contains everything needed to make a wide variety of mixed drinks, minus the ingredients. The stainless steel set includes a shaker, jigger, strainer, and muddler, plus a mixing spoon and a bottle opener, all of which can be stored on the bamboo stand. It’s capped off with a set of recipe cards for favorite cocktails.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit | SEE ON AMAZON

A UV Nail Lamp For Gel Manis At Home :

Bella Nails Professional UV Nail Lamp

Save time and money and do your own gel manicures at home with this professional UV nail lamp. This full-featured lamp uses high-efficiency LED bulbs and features a reflective interior, along with four preset timers, so you can customize your curing options to meet your particular needs. A fully integrated handle makes it easy to carry this unit around the house.

Bella Nails Professional UV Nail Lamp | SEE ON AMAZON

The Under-Cabinet Lights That Make Your Kitchen Look So Luxe:

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Under-Cabinet Lights (2-Pack)

It used to be that adding feature lighting — for example, under your kitchen cabinets — was so expensive, and you certainly couldn’t do it yourself. Now, with these wireless under-cabinet lights, you can give your kitchen (or your bookshelves, or your bathroom) a truly luxe look for under $30 and do it yourself in just minutes. This two-pack of lights mounts using your choice of the included ultra-strong double-sided tape or screws, and the super-long-lasting LEDs operate via a wireless remote that includes timers and a dimmer.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Under-Cabinet Lights (2-Pack) | SEE ON AMAZON

This Caddy That Turns Your Bath Into A Spa :

Sen Yi Bao Bath Caddy

Turn your bath into a relaxing spa experience that you may never want to leave with this bath caddy that’s crafted from bamboo. It’s extendable to accommodate bathtubs of most sizes, and features special holders for your phone, wine glass, and tablet or book. Plus, there’s plenty of room for your favorite soaps, oils, and bath products, too.

Sen Yi Bao Bath Caddy | SEE ON AMAZON

These Space-Saving Pants Hangers Made From Wood :

Zober Wooden Pants Hangers (10-Pack)

If your pants are always ending up on your closet floor, these wooden pants hangers will solve that problem. These hangers are crafted from attractive wood that’s smooth and splinter-free, with brass-finish hooks that swivel a full 360 degrees. Not only will your pants not be on the floor when you go looking for them, but you’ll also save space in your closet, thanks to the ultra-slim design.

Zober Wooden Pants Hangers (10-Pack) | SEE ON AMAZON

These Dispensers For Olive Oil & Dish Soap :

FineDine Olive Oil Dispensers (Set of 2)

Decanting liquids from their store packaging into another container is one designer’s trick I’ve stolen for many, many years. Pour your dish soap into a glass bottle with a pour spout for display next to the sink and you’ve added instant charm to your kitchen, for example. These dispensers are another example of that principle: Their clean lines are perfect for everyday use for dish soap, olive oil, and more. The set comes with four stainless steel spouts as well as a stainless steel funnel to make filling easy.

FineDine Olive Oil Dispensers (Set of 2) | SEE ON AMAZON

A Gorgeous Scented Candle In A Rose Gold Jar :

Benevolence LA Scented Candle

I don’t know about you, but something about that warm, shiny rose gold tone just gets me every time, so I was instantly in love with this gorgeous scented candle — and then I found out that a percentage of the purchase goes to end child trafficking. (I am so in). Available in nine delightful scents like lavender, persimmon, and lemongrass basil, this soy candle features a crackling wood wick and provides 45 hours of burn time.

Benevolence LA Scented Candle | SEE ON AMAZON

These Flower Stud Earrings That Add Sparkle To Any Outfit :

Benevolence LA Flower Stud Earrings

Made from 14-karat gold-dipped stainless steel, these flower stud earrings feature a petite floral design that’s embellished with cubic zirconia petals. Hypoallergenic, these charming earrings are the perfect accent to any outfit. Reviewers love how much sparkle they provide, and compliment their elegance as well as their versatility.

Benevolence LA Flower Stud Earrings | SEE ON AMAZON

The Mini Indoor Security Camera That Provides Peace Of Mind :

Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera

Security systems have gone from professional subscription services that cost thousands of dollars a year to DIY products that you can monitor with your smartphone. This mini indoor security camera is a great way to get some peace of mind for yourself at an extremely low price point. Providing 1080p resolution, it sends alerts to your phone whenever it senses motion. Plus it has night vision and two-way audio capabilities.

Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera | SEE ON AMAZON

This Lazy Susan That Will Organize Your Condiments & Spices :

Estilo 2-Tier Lazy Susan

Sick of that one cabinet that has items practically spilling out of it? You need this two-tier lazy Susan, which provides plenty of vertical storage space. Made from heavy-duty, durable stainless steel, it has a brushed finish to resist fingerprints and raised rims to keep your items from sliding off when you spin it.

This Insulated Sports Bottle That Comes With 3 Lids :

FineDine Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

How many times have you bought a flip-top sports bottle and wished you’d gotten one with a straw top — or vice versa? Problem solved: This sports bottle comes with three lids: one with a straw top, one with a flip-top mouthpiece, and one that’s simply removable for wide-mouth drinking. It’s made from premium stainless steel and features double-wall insulation to keep cold drinks icy and hot drinks piping.

The Facial Roller That Rejuvenates Your Skin With Tiny Needles :

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller

Microneedling is an A-lister skin care treatment that involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles to encourage collagen production, lymphatic drainage, and brighter skin. Now you can perform this treatment at home with this derma roller that features almost 200 minuscule stainless steel needles for a painless treatment that leaves your skin glowing and smooth.

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller | SEE ON AMAZON

These Smart Bulbs That Let You Control Your Lights From Anywhere :

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs (2-Pack)

Upgrade your home lighting with these smart bulbs that are controllable anywhere in the world using a free app. The bulbs offer 16 million color options, and you can also set them on schedules, so the lights are home when you come back from work (or when you’re away on a trip). They’re also Alexa- and Google Home-compatible for easy voice control.

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs (2-Pack) | SEE ON AMAZON

A Light Strip That Turns Your TV Into A Home Theater Experience :

Power Practical LED Light Strip

Whether you enjoy viewing your favorite movie or TV show on your television or on your computer monitor, when you add this LED light strip as a backlight, you’ll be able to enjoy a true home theater experience. Easy to install with the included adhesive, this light strip helps to reduce eye strain while you’re watching and also adds a distinctive flair to the view. Choose from 15 colors, all controllable via the included remote.

Power Practical LED Light Strip | SEE ON AMAZON

This Water Flosser That Makes Dental Hygiene’s Most Hated Chore Fun :

Waterpik Water Flosser

Flossing is the dental hygiene chore I hate the most, and I know I’m not alone. That’s why I love this ingenious water flosser from trusted brand Waterpik. Since it’s cordless, it lets you floss anywhere, even in the shower, and removes 99.9% of plaque and other particles lingering in your mouth. It also gives your gums a refreshing massage while targeting the area below the gum line, as well.

A Set Of Plating Tools Every Avid Cook Should Have :

Nuvantee Plating Tools (Set of 8)

With plating spoons, several pairs of tweezers, a sauce spoon, an offset spatula, and more, this set of plating tools has everything a serious chef needs to create intricate designs before setting dinner on the table. Use this set for precise placement of herbs, toppings on entrées, and the tiniest of decorations on baked goods. The stainless steel set comes with a roll-up pouch for storage.

Nuvantee Plating Tools (Set of 8) | SEE ON AMAZON

This Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Holder That Adds Easy Storage :

FOMANSH Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

Get your stemware up and out of the way with this under-cabinet wine glass holder that gives you back some storage space. Crafted from sturdy, corrosion-resistant iron, it comes in two sizes and has an attractive gold finish — but you can also opt for black, brown, or white tones. It installs easily with the included mounting hardware.

FOMANSH Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Rack | SEE ON AMAZON

These Eye Masks That Are Infused With 24-Karat Gold:

DERMORA 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks (30 Pairs)

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect under-eye beauty product for years now, a fanatical tester of both eye masks and concealers, so take it from me when I tell you these eye masks infused with 24-karat gold are the real deal. They’re also packed with nourishing ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration and plumping. As a result, they decrease puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles. They’re an amazing wake-up call to your eyes when put them on straight from the fridge first thing in the morning.

DERMORA 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks (30 Pairs) | SEE ON AMAZON

The Shave Ice Machine For Slushy Cocktails & Treats :

Nuvantee Ice Shaver

When the weather gets hot, do you dream of the snow cones or the shave ice you loved as a kid? Or maybe your thoughts turn to a daiquiri, piña colada, or other slushy treat. This ice shaver has you covered, regardless of the drink you have in mind; add ice, then turn the hand crank until you get the size of chunks or flakes you want. With stainless steel blades, the shaver makes quick work of cubes, and comes with an ice bucket and spoon.

Nuvantee Ice Shaver | SEE ON AMAZON

A Fluffy Hypoallergenic Comforter With A Legion Of Fans :

Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter

Filled with a microfiber blend that’s the perfect weight for use all year round, this down alternative comforter is surprisingly budget-friendly — and it’s racked up 80,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The box quilting keeps the filling distributed evenly, and the eight side loops let you add a duvet cover. In addition to white, this comforter also comes in several reversible color choices for maximum flexibility.

Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter | SEE ON AMAZON

These Motion-Sensor Lights That Are Solar-Powered :

HMCITY Solar Motion-Sensor Lights (2-Pack)

These solar motion-sensor lights are the perfect way to add some safety and security to the exterior of your home, and they don’t require wiring, batteries, or electricity. With 120 ultra-bright LED lights, they have three modes, including a dusk-to-dawn setting. They’re easy to install with the included hardware.

HMCITY Solar Motion-Sensor Lights (2-Pack) | SEE ON AMAZON

This Gorgeous Jewelry Box That’s Perfect For Travel

Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Jewelry Box

The first thing you’ll notice about this jewelry box is how gorgeous it is, with its plush velvet exterior and gold-tone hardware. It has divided cushions for storing your rings and stud earrings as well as two divided compartments and a pouch for other items. The size of this jewelry box makes it perfect for travel or to throw in your handbag if you’re going out after work.

Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Jewelry Box | SEE ON AMAZON

This Cult-Favorite Cast Iron Pan That’s So Budget-Friendly :

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron skillets have been a favorite of both home cooks and chefs for years, because of their superior heat retention and distribution — and they’re ideal for everything from a quick sauté to baking delicious desserts. This cast iron pan from Lodge has earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after 130,000 reviews, and comes pre-seasoned, which is critically important for cooking with cast iron. It also comes with a handle cover, which makes it much easier to deal with on the stovetop. You’ll have this pan for years and cook so many delicious dishes with it, both inside and on the grill — it’s simply a must-have.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan | SEE ON AMAZON

A Beautiful Marble Pastry Board That Upgrades Your Baking :

Thirteen Chefs Marble Pastry Board

Bakers swear by marble because it stays cool so that the fats within a dough don’t melt while it’s being kneaded or rolled out. This marble pastry board is sized so you can refrigerate it before working with your dough to ensure a perfectly chilled surface, and it’s finished with rubber feet, so it won’t slide around on your countertop. But don’t stop there: This board is so pretty, you’ll want to use it to build out your next cheese board or serve up a salad in super gourmet style.

Thirteen Chefs Marble Pastry Board | SEE ON AMAZON

These Stackable Rings Plated In 14-Karat Gold :

PAVOI Gold-Plated Stackable Rings (Set of 3)

Treat yourself to these stackable rings plated in 14-karat gold and inlaid with sparkly cubic zirconia. They give you a shot of instant bling that’s suitable for wear on any finger, and you can choose from white, yellow, or rose gold — or opt for a set with all three.

PAVOI Gold-Plated Stackable Rings (Set of 3) | SEE ON AMAZON

The Comfy Ballet Flats You’ve Been Looking For :

Amazon Essentials Belice Ballet Flats

A well-made ballet flat is an essential in every wardrobe — they’re just so versatile, perfect with everything from jeans to dresses. These ballet flats are the ones you’ve been looking for, friends: They’re made from faux leather, come in an array of 34 colors and styles, including everything from snake print to silver glitter. One five-star reviewer says “These are seriously the best flats I’ve ever owned!”

Amazon Essentials Belice Ballet Flats | SEE ON AMAZON

A Gorgeous Throw Blanket With An Unfinished Hem :

lifein Throw Blanket

Made from warm but breathable acrylic, this waffle-knit throw blanket features an unfinished hem for low-key elegance. The generous size means it’s ideal for cuddling on cool nights when you’re watching a movie or even outside on the deck, and it’s great for tailgating, too. The blanket is easy to care for — throw it right in the wash. Choose from colors like mint, rust, and cream.

lifein Throw Blanket | SEE ON AMAZON

This Pasta Maker That’s So Much Cheaper Than Buying Fresh Noodles :

Nuvantee Pasta Maker

Fresh pasta is so delicious, but it can be expensive when you buy it at the grocery store. Once you get the hang of it, homemade pasta really is easy to make — the hardest part is rolling it out, because getting the thinness and uniformity correct is challenging. This pasta maker turns that into an easy task, with seven thickness options to create a wide variety of pastas, from fettucine to angel hair.

Nuvantee Pasta Maker | SEE ON AMAZON

The Faux Leather Handbag That’s Big Enough For All Your Stuff :

LOVEVOOK Faux Leather Handbag

If you’re constantly on the hunt for a handbag that’s big enough for everything you have to carry, look no further than this faux leather purse that’s spacious enough to accommodate a 13-inch laptop. It’s finished with gold-tone hardware, including a top zipper to keep everything inside. Plus, the gold metal feet keep the bottom of the bag off the floor when you set it down.

LOVEVOOK Faux Leather Handbag | SEE ON AMAZON

This Faucet Filter That Improves The Taste Of Water :

Brita Basic Water Faucet Filter

Upgrade your kitchen sink — and forego plastic water bottles — with this Brita water faucet filter. The filter removes 99% of chemicals that contribute to the taste and odor of your water, including chlorine, lead, particulate matter, and much more. It mounts to your faucet easily without the need for tools.

Brita Basic Water Faucet Filter | SEE ON AMAZON

These Classic Sunglasses With 100% UV Protection :

SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses

Featuring classic round lenses and vintage-inspired lines, these sunglasses are the ultimate combination of style and substance. Offering 100% UVA and UVB protection, these lightweight frames are fitted with gold-tone hinges. Choose from a range of colors, including the classic tortoiseshell option pictured here.

SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses | SEE ON AMAZON

A Set Of 8 Steak Knives To Upgrade Any Fancy Dinner At Home :

Master Maison Steak Knives (Set of 8)

Crafted with single-forged, high-carbon steel, these steak knives are the kind of ultra-high quality blades you’d expect to find from the big names in knives… only for so much less. They have non-serrated blades and ergonomic, triple-riveted handles to slice and cut with ease. If you’re still eating with butter knives on steak night — now’s the time to upgrade.

Master Maison Steak Knives (Set of 8) | SEE ON AMAZON

An Ultra-Versatile Satin Scarf That Comes In 40+ Designs :

Vabovin Satin Scarf

One easy way to extend the versatility of your wardrobe is to use a satin scarf — tie it around your neck, drape it around your shoulders, or add it to the handle of your purse. Available in nearly four dozen patterns, the satin is soft, smooth, and timeless.

Vabovin Satin Scarf | SEE ON AMAZON

This Magnetic Knife Strip That Looks Like It Belongs In A Restaurant Kitchen :

SimpleUsefulThings Magnetic Knife Strip

Knife blocks are great, but they take up so much room on your countertop, which is already crowded. This magnetic knife strip is a smart and sleek solution, and it looks like it belongs in the kitchen of a five-star restaurant. Featuring a wood finish, it’s embedded with neodymium magnets to keep knives and other cooking utensils secure. It installs to your wall with the included hardware.

SimpleUsefulThings Magnetic Knife Strip | SEE ON AMAZON

These Absorbent Ceramic Coasters With Cool Marble Designs :

Lahome Marble Coasters (Set of 4)

Isn’t it annoying when you’re enjoying your cold beverage, then put it down on your coaster while you’re chatting, only to pick it back up and notice the condensation has rolled off of the coaster and onto your delicate wooden coffee table? With these marble-look coasters, you won’t have that problem: They’re made from ceramic, which absorbs the moisture, so there’s no aggravating drip-over. The marble look is attractive and unique, and comes in several colors.

Lahome Marble Coasters (Set of 4) | SEE ON AMAZON

A Refreshing Facial Spray From A Well-Loved Beauty Brand :

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

A timeless favorite, this facial spray is made with a blend of aloe, herbs, and rose water to soothe and hydrate the skin — and it feels luxurious, but costs next to nothing. Use it to refresh your makeup in the middle of the day, to hydrate your skin while traveling, or as a wake-up for your face first thing in the morning — there’s no end to the uses you’ll find. It’s great to throw in your purse, but you can also keep it in your fridge for a particularly refreshing treat.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray | SEE ON AMAZON

This Milk Frother That Lets You Make Coffee Drinks Like A Barista :

SIMPLETaste Milk Frother

Enjoy your own cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee drinks at home without having to run down to the cafe, thanks to this milk frother. Cordless and battery-powered, it’s easy to use and features one-touch operation and a whisk made from durable stainless steel. Not only can you whip up coffee drinks like a pro, but it’s great for impressing your friends with frothy cocktails and milkshakes.

SIMPLETaste Milk Frother | SEE ON AMAZON

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